My Projects

Freelance Sound Design:

I am currently accepting commissions for sound design work for podcasts. Check out my contact page to see what I offer services on and to get a hold of me for your project!

My Own Creations:

Character Creation Cast is my first podcast project. Together with Amelia Antrim, we talk with guests in the RPG community and learn about some amazing games through the lens of character creation. We also have a player advice series, called Character Evolution Cast, that goes over some really great player advice every month.

Another project I’m really excited about is Chimera. This is a Powered by the Apocalypse game that allows you to blend various genre modules together to create a unique gaming experience. You’ll first create a world with your group, describing how the genres blend, and then you’ll blend two playbooks together to create one, unique character type.

Side Heroes is a future project that will be an audio drama that follows the most important normal human person to a superhero. This could be a friend, lover, spouse, child, parent, etc. The first season will follow Amy, the best friend of Mishra, who both secretly love one another, but hadn’t had the chance to express it before an untimely death… You can listen to a prototype for the series on the International Podcast Month feed.

In addition to Chimera, I’m also creating some micro RPGs and putting them up on right now. Head over there to check out any of the micro games I have released. Currently All Outta Elder Signs is available for free and I am developing a game called Tandem, where two players control different parts of a single character to achieve goals across multiple scenes. As well as Our Final Gathering: The Dreaded Reflections of the Immortal Soul, a blend of Reflections and Dread that takes place in the Highlander universe.

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